An interview with Ms. Luyao Wang (Zoe)

Nationality: Chinese

Related experience:

  • worked as a Maths, English and Chinese teacher in Thailand
  • been a host family for Chinese students in Melbourne
  • experience in working in foreign countries.

Message to students:

I have considerable experience of living and working in foreign countries and of knowing and being around travelling students, young people and professionals. I have really gained an appreciation of the value that international experience can have. I have also learned to hold dear the people who cared for us and supported us when we were so far from home.


About Zoe

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself a little. I was born in the city of Harbin in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang in 1983. I finished my university studies at JiLin University with two degrees: Russian Culture and Business English. After two years of living in Shanghai and working as the Marketing Manager for a private health centre, I moved to Thailand with Matthew, my Australian husband, for his work. While I lived in Thailand I taught Grade 1 Mathematics and English, and Grades 9–11 Mandarin Chinese.

Since arriving in Australia in 2011, I’ve worked in accounting for a local business, and Matthew and I had a wonderful son named Saul in January 2014. We have also opened up our home to overseas students and we are the host family for two studious young boys, James and Callum, both of whom are Chinese.

Australia was a little lonely at first but over the years I’ve come to enjoy participating in the cultural events that take place here, like the activities in local libraries and community centres, appreciate the beauty of the local mountains and wine region, and to value the new friends that we’ve made. We’ve had a lot of international friends and family come and visit us here with both of my parents living with us for up to a year at a time. Having the opportunity to introduce them to a new country has been an interesting experience.

On being a guardian

As a mother, I will be making every effort to ensure the same care, support and opportunities are available to my students as is available to my own family. I can imagine the concerns and fears that will come with seeing them leave home to live in another country. I can understand how much it will mean to know that there are people around your child who really care about how they are and to have those people be in regular communication with you about what’s going on.

When the lovely Tracey from CETA suggested I try take on being a guardian, it just seemed like such a fantastic opportunity. I look forward to helping your child settle and transition into their next stage of life here in Australia and I am sure that they will have a great time here. I am very excited about meeting your child and look forward to our future relationship.