CETA services for International Education Agents

For the placement of international students under 18 years of age, students must be under guardianship care as part of their visa requirements.

CETA helps International Education Agents through professional and timely correspondence so they can assure international students’ parents that a suitable guardian has been assigned to their child. We also ensure that:

• The CETA-selected guardian works closely with the school, homestay host or boarding house supervisor to resolve all issues as they arise in a timely and satisfactory manner

• There is 24/7 emergency support available through the team that comprises the guardian (first point of contact), school and homestay host or boarding house supervisor, providing a closed loop of student care

• All requirements are met for the welfare of students — this includes their general well- being, as well as participation (as representatives of the parents) in school consultations to develop students’ academic progress through attendance and follow up via school parent/teacher interviews/conferences

• Suitable homestays are selected and screened

• Contracts and payments are in order 

Education agents also enjoy the benefit of a dedicated client suport service. Apply now for CETA guardianship services for your student(s).

Agents’ Application Form  pencil2 

Once your application has been submitted, the CETA Support Team will respond within 48 hours.