Information for Schools

For the placement of international students under 18 years of age, students must be under guardianship care as part of their visa requirements. The guardian is often the school’s first point of contact for any issues relating to a particular student in that:

• The CETA-selected guardian works closely with the school, homestay host or boarding house supervisor to resolve all issues as they arise in a timely and satisfactory manner, providing a closed loop of student care with 24/7 emergency support available

• All requirements are met for the welfare of students, including their general well-being, as well as participation (as representatives of the parents) in school consultations to develop students’ academic progress through attendance and follow up via school parent/teacher interviews/conferences

As the child’s legal representative in Australia, CETA guardians are carefully selected and screened. They must be an Australian citizen or permananet resident as well as fluent in both English and the native language of the student(s) in their care. In addition, our guardians are subject to:

  • Working With Children Check (WWCC)
  • National police check
  • Personal interview

Students that are due to commence their studies at your school and that do not yet have a guardian can apply for a CETA guardian here. 

CETA can also assist with finding suitable homestay accommodation for students. Visit our web site here.