Why use the CETA Guardianship service?

When it comes to selecting a guardian for your child, making the right choice is critical. Here are a few reasons why you can trust CETA Guardianship to deliver the right service:

  • CETA has provided guardianship services for international students in Australia for more than 14 years
  • We have Australian citizen guardians who can speak English, Chinese and Thai to communicate with and look after students
  • CETA guardians are very caring, paying close attention to students’ welfare, wellbeing and academic progress by working closely with the schools and our homestay families
  • CETA guardians form part of the closed loop of care services for your child, 24 hours day/seven days a week
  • Our guardianship services are approved by leading schools in Australia. Some of the schools that use our services include:
    • Caulfield Grammar School
    • Geelong College
    • Geelong Grammar School 
    • Methodist Ladies’ College
    • Oakleigh Grammar School
    • Prince Alfred College
    • Scotch College
    • Wesley College
  • CETA also has a Student Support Officer to help parents liaising with school staff, guardians or homestays. Visit our homestay web site to find out more about our extensive homestay services provided by CETA Homestay.